Processing/ Treatment Laser cutting Milling Sawing Laser cuttingMillingSawing Laser cuttingMillingSawing Laser cuttingMillingSawing
Quality of cutting edge+o+++
Cutting quality during running time++++
Cutting precision++++o ++o
Sealing of the cutting edge ++
Details/radius free inner contours+o+o+oo+o
No dirt++
No material breakage+oo+oo
No material waste+o+o
No material warpage +o

 + good o medium   bad

All advantages at a glance:

  • Perfect, smooth cutting edges in one step
  • Practically radius free cutting of inner contours
  • Touchless processing - minimal waste, no breakage
  • No clamping or fixing of the workpiece necessary
  • Precise and delicate cuts
  • Processing of very large formats by non-attachment cutting
  • Edge sealing - therefore no fraying
  • No set up costs for the construction of needed tools
  • No mechanical stress on the material
  • High flexibility